Everyday, Election Day

IMG_4076For the last few weeks, as we all know, our country has been held captive by the recent Presidential Election.

I know we are all weary of the topic, but in the days that have followed the election my soul can’t seem to shake an overall sense of fear, worry, and discouragement. I’m guessing I’m not alone.

The concerns I have felt since the election are not new, but seem to have deepened as of late.

~ My husband and I are starting our own business. How will we manage to stay afloat in today’s toxic economy?

~ It’s already hard enough to make ends meet. How will we weather the rising cost of EVERYTHING?

~ In the midst of all that is happening in our country (and in the world,) I wonder and worry for my children. Will we be able to provide for them? What kind of future will they inherit?

~ What kind of future do I face as a writer? Will I ever publish my book? Who’s going to buy books when it’s a struggle to feed, clothe, and house our families?

~ What’s happening to my country? The America I know and love is becoming more foreign every day.

~ And God…

How can God bless, and work, and use a nation so seemingly hell bent on leaving Him behind?

Amidst these questions, worries, and fears, a familiar verse keeps weaving through my troubled mind, stringing together truth and hope.

“Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 NKJV

Choose? Elect? Maybe every day is an election day. Not for man or candidates but for God.

By choosing each day…electing… each day to serve God, I am choosing and electing to put all my hope, all my trust in Him. Here in lies my chance for peace, my chance to silence the worries.

When my hope and trust are placed in man, or in the rulers of this world, I become a servant to worry, fear, and discouragement. When my hope and trust are placed in Him, I become a servant to God, His love, and His peace.

What a difference Election Day makes.

A song I love by Jack Savoretti says:

“Don’t believe in only the things that you see, believe in me.”

I can hear these words as a message from God in the middle of all that surrounds me.

designIt isn’t easy, to see only God, to believe only God. The temptation to worry and fear is almost always there. I guess that’s where “Choose for yourselves this day,” comes into practice. Ultimately I know that my God is in all, and above all. He is bigger and greater than my worries. He has gone before all my fears.

After all, I haven’t been asked to find the answers to my long list of questions and worries. I haven’t been asked to solve the brokenness of the world. I have been asked to choose this day whom I will serve. I have been asked to be found faithful to our business, our children, my writing, my country, and most importantly my God.

Could it be that by being faithful to God, and all the things He’s called me to, the list of worries grows shorter and the brokenness gets healed? Maybe? Just a tiny bit?

Every day is Election Day. Today, in the midst of earthly rulers and world wreckage, my vote is cast for a faithful God.

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