For My Auntie Sis On Her 80th Birthday

Today is a very special day in my family for it marks the 80t Birthday of my Auntie Sis.

I wish with all my heart that each and every one of you could have the chance to sit across from Auntie Sis and enjoy a cup of tea. I am certain that if you did, you would be enchanted by her kind voice, her sweet smile, and the sparkle in her eye.

My Auntie Sis is special, not just because she taught Kindergarten for 30 years, or because she was married to my Uncle Andy for 50 years, or because she filled my childhood with memories of trips to her house where we ate Runzas, enjoyed tea parties and played dress-up for hours on end.

No, my Auntie Sis is special for all these things, but most importantly she is special because of the testimony she is to me and countless others. The faith and joy that she has in Jesus is rare and contagious. Indeed, she is a lighthouse, that beams a ray of God and His love onto all that she does and every one she is with.

I am fortunate to have many Godly role models in my life, and Auntie Sis is one of them. I am blessed to be her niece, and I am blessed to have her sweet and enduring presence in my life.

In honor of my Auntie Sis and her 80th Birthday, I have written a poem. I will be the first to admit that I am no poet, but each year at Christmas time, Auntie Sis sends out a Christmas Poem to recap her year and tell the world of the ways that God has blessed her.

Auntie Sis, this poem is my attempt to follow suit, but my hope is to not just follow in your poetic footsteps, but most importantly, in the way that you have lived your life. Thank you for being such a shining example to me of what it means to follow Christ.

For My Auntie Sis On Her 80th Birthday

Long ago in a southern land

A child was born named Margaret Ann


Her parents with love did Miss Margaret raise

And Bubba, Jeanne, and Martie sang her their praise


But her childhood was hard and riddled with strife

As she battled with illness and the loss of Bubba’s dear life


Despite the difficulties sweet Margaret faced

Her faith in God could not be replaced


Margaret knew where her treasures were stored

And counted each one in the love of her Lord


In time Margaret grew and went off to school

With her dear sister Jeanne to BJU


As she worked and studied she found two loves quite handy

One love for teaching and one love for Andy


In June of 56’ Andy and Margaret were wed

Right next to Ron and Jeanne their vows were pledged


After a few years down south Andy took Margaret away

To the state of Nebraska, and there they would stay


In time Andy and Margaret grew to a family of four

With two loving daughters that made their hearts soar


First came Sandy from God’s faithful hand

And then along came Becky to further His plan


As a wife and a mother Margaret’s heart swelled

As a teacher of Kindergarten she greatly excelled


For 30 years Margaret devoted her heart

To helping young children get the very best start


In no time at all Margaret again was blessed

With son-in-laws and granddaughters that filled up her nest


Through thick and thin Dan and Keith have showed their devotion

And Lexi, Brooke, Tiffany, and Jessica, have grown Margaret’s love as wide as the ocean


In 2006 Andy and Margaret looked back over their years

And celebrated their Golden Anniversary with smiles and tears


Then on the saddest of days, Andy left Margaret Ann

And joined our dear Lord in the Heavenly Lands


Even in sorrow, Margaret’s praise wasn’t quenched

With joy found in Jesus and Andy’s new life, her faith didn’t budge not one single inch


And now here we are on this day of all days

To celebrate Margaret in the most special of ways


My dear Auntie Sis, I love you so much

And I hope that this poem your dear heart has touched


You are a jewel, a gem, a pearl

And I, your niece, am the luckiest of girls


For in you I find an example of strength,

A legacy of love, a monument of faith


May your day be blessed with love from the start

Happy Birthday, dear Aunt, I love you, I love you with all of my heart

One thought on “For My Auntie Sis On Her 80th Birthday

  1. Thank you my Jennifer for your tribute. Your words are so fitting and I marvel at God’s gift to you! I know Aunttie Sis will be very touched by your honoring her on her 80th!

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