Today Was A Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Fairy Tale…

Today I’m so excited to launch the start of a mid-week post I like to call, Today Was a Fairy Tale. Each Wednesday I hope to bring you a post that celebrates the beauty, adventure and romance that fills our lives and our days when we walk with the King.

Because we are children of the King, and we are His beloved, and every day spent with the King really is a fairy tale.

Like most little girls, I grew up with a love for good stories and fairy tales. As an adult this love has only grown stronger as I learn to see for myself the way my Savior writes His love story into the everyday details of my life.

These are the stories, the details, I long to capture and share with you here. It is my hope that you, too, will see the never ending ways He romances our hearts and writes the story of His love into every aspect of our lives.

I know that life is hard and there are more than enough days that seem like anything but a fairy tale. As a friend of mine once said, “It’s [life] not just walking through the rose bushes with God.” I understand what she was saying, and I understand what you might be thinking as you read this post.

However, I also know that the enemy seeks to deceive us into seeing anything but the love story that exists all around us. Yes, life is hard, but when we fail to see the ways God loves us, do we not make it that much harder?

Consider your favorite story, your favorite characters. In every good story the princess, the hero, the hobbit, must face the villain, the danger, the darkness that seeks to destroy them. Our story is no different. Evil does hunt us, but our hero is always near, and He fights for His beloved.

Our fairy tale story began on the first day of creation and continued when our hero rescued us on the cross.

As our story continues, each day, each moment of our lives becomes a new page. The words may be different, the settings may change, but the message is always the same. It is a story of the King. It is a story of His beloved. It is a story of His perfect love.

Join me as we celebrate this love. Join me as we look and see that today was a fairy tale.

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