Why The Work You Do Really Does Matter

Last week I wrote about the guilt I sometimes feel when I decide to take time away from my family to pursue my love for writing.

A few days after I posted this blog, I received the following comment from a friend of mine:

“Thanks for writing, Jennifer. Many thoughts were stirred tonight as I read a lot of your writings. I haven’t allowed myself to dream in a really long time…still not quite there but it is more positive than it has been in a long time.”

I’m new to the world of blogging, and this comment and the encouragement it brought me spoke volumes to my heart.

There are so many days in which I question whether or not what I’m doing with my writing really matters at all. In addition to the guilt I sometimes feel, this question is yet another way that Satan plagues me and whispers lies.

When I think of my friend and the kind words she sent in response to my post, I think of her story. I can’t claim to know all that she has been through, but I know her road has been long and hard, and I can understand why it’s been difficult to dream and pursue the things that make her heart sing.

Knowing that God has used me and my writing to stir her heart means the world to me. It affirms what my heart knows to be true, that my work matters. Even when the lies and questions try hard to convince otherwise, my writing matters. It matters to me, it matters to God, and it matters to others as well.

A few months ago I read the The Shack by William P. Young. One of my favorite quotes from this story is “Love always leaves a significant mark.”

This quote has stayed with me. I remember it at times when love comes hard, when I don’t feel like doing the loving thing. I remember it too, when the love I give isn’t received, when hearts are stubborn and loving hurts. And I remember it when I write, when the work I do for me and for God doesn’t seem to make sense or have any value at all.

If love is in my writing, it will make a mark. A significant one.

Sometimes I have the pleasure of knowing the ways in which my writing has left a mark on the heart of someone else. Other times I’m left to wonder, but always I trust.

If God has given me the will to write and I am faithful to obey His call, love will seep through the words and pages and leave a mark of its own.

The same is true for you. Whatever it is you do, if love is at the heart of it, it will leave a significant mark. And what are these marks really, but the fingerprints of God?

…A Message from the Achieves

Wow! I don’t know about you but I needed these words this week. I hope they encouraged your heart the way they encouraged mine. I am currently getting ready to head to Grand Rapids, MI this week for the Festival of Faith in Writing. (Think, Spring Break for Writers.) I will be back soon with fresh posts for you.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Wednesday’s post for a chance to enter my Loving and Listing Giveaway. You won’t want to miss it. A winner will be announced when I return.

2 thoughts on “Why The Work You Do Really Does Matter

  1. Hi Jennifer! It was so good to run into you at the Writing conference this weekend, although it was short. You are so right that it really matters to God, and you should keep writing. I’ve been catching up on some of your wonderful posts! Even if our writing affects even just one person in the world for God it would be worth it! You are touching lives and connecting with their souls. Keep marching on!

  2. Thank you, beautiful Myrna! It was wonderful to see you! God is using you too! Thanks for reading and for all your sweet words.

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