Today Was a Fairy Tale

My family's beautiful Christmas tree.

My family’s beautiful Christmas tree.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Christmas tree…

We decided to switch things up this year. Instead of the multi-colored lights that we have used on our Christmas tree since I can remember, my mom and I decided to be daring and dress up our tree with crystal lights.

We knew we were messing with perfection. For years our multi-colored tree has been a beloved tradition, a jewel, a treasure. We weren’t sure we’d like the look of crystal lights, and it was hard to try something new but when we finished our tree and took in the sight of our creation we were thrilled with its newfound beauty.

The crystal lights, all eighteen strands of them, glistened like sparkling stars come down. We turned off the lights and watched our tree shine, a glowing masterpiece.

In the days that followed whenever my three-year-old, Tenley, walked by our tree she stuck out her tiny finger and excitedly declared, “Christmas!”

“That’s right,” I said. “Christmas!”

The more I thought about Tenley’s childlike declaration, the more I realized she was right. Our Christmas tree, all Christmas trees are a symbol of Christmas, a symbol of Christ.

With beauty, with light, the sight of a Christmas tree reflects the brilliance, the splendor, the radiance of a Savior who shines the brightest when all is dark.

This is what Christmas is, light invading dark. And isn’t that just like a fairy tale?

When Christ was born He came with beauty, He came with light. He invaded our world, our darkness. And still He comes shining the light of hope, the light of peace, the light of joy and rescue into the stumbling dark of our world, our hearts.

He shines the way so that we may see that the way is Him. He shines the way so that we may see that there is no way but by the light of His grace.

This Christmas, as you sit around your decked out tree, absorbed in its sacred glow may you catch a glimpse, a reflection of heavenly light. May you wake up this Christmas to the fairy tale found in the beauty, in the light of Christmas and a Savior who shines brightest when all is dark.

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