Let It Simmer or What to Do When God Says, “Wait”

SoupI love soup. Especially in the winter, on a cold winter night when it seems like no other food on the planet will do. I love trying new soup recipes, always searching for a new favorite, and I love, love, love, when I get to the end of a recipe and read these three glorious words: Let it simmer.

Let It Simmer. In other words, all the hard work is done, sit back, relax, the only thing you have to do now is wait and enjoy.

I’ve been doing a lot of waiting lately. Last Saturday, the due date of my third baby officially came and went. These are uncharted waters for me. My first baby came right on time. My second was two weeks early. I thought for sure, this one would follow suit, but that hasn’t been the case. Instead, she’s warm and cozy, curled up inside my belly, simmering like the finest soup.

Honestly, I don’t mind it so much. For 40 ½ weeks pregnant, I’m feeling great. My unborn blessing seems perfectly content. Friends and family have been incredibly supportive.

But what I’m finding most of all is that this time of waiting is an excellent reminder to wait, not just on this baby, but ultimately on God. Occasions like these that come along, disrupting our plans…what we thought would happen…are perfect reminders of the scant control we have.

These moments, days, or seasons of waiting are not to be wasted. They aren’t for worry, anxiety, or impatience. They aren’t for striving, frustration, fear, or doubt. Rather they are gifts, precious invitations to come and draw close to God.

My husband and I, we’ve done all we can do. We’ve walked the mall, made angels sing, and indulged in Mexican food. I’ve tried massages, trigger points, and raspberry tea. I’ve nested, packed, and readied anything and everything in sight. The hard work is done, the only thing we have to do now is wait and enjoy.

And what we get to enjoy is nothing short of God and His amazing goodness. When we choose to draw close to Him during seasons of waiting we get to enjoy peace that passes understanding. We get to enjoy the freedom that comes when we surrender our plans and trust the plan He has in mind.

Stonewall Jackson was once asked why he chose to fight with his troops on the front-lines rather than lead his soldiers from the more protected sections of the battlefield. In answer to this question he said,

My religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. […]that is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.

I believe the same is true of waiting. Whatever it is we’re waiting for, a baby, a mate, test results from the doctor’s office. A new job, a house to sell, the mending of a relationship, God knows what He has planned for us. He has already fixed the appointed time for that for which we wait. We can neither hasten it nor delay it.

All we can do is faithfully wait. Do the work, put the ingredients together, then relax and enjoy.

Let it simmer. Find the peace, the freedom the goodness of God as He comforts, nourishes, and fills you up.

Like homemade soup in the dead of winter.

Baby BelleOn the morning of February 19th Cabellea Wren was born and, for the record, the wait was totally worth it!

Just a Mom

So there were these words written here by Ann Voskamp. And these words they trickled from my inbox into my heart where they inspired, and moved, and made me move toward Him.

And there were these words that trickled from my pen. My humble response to Him.

From the pages of my journal…

Lord, thank you for these words that remind me that the “just” moms, and the small callings, and the tiny steps are made huge by you and your Kingdom. The work I do today seems small but it is pure, and true, and it is all I have. It’s all I love, and it is all for you.

I smile giddy at the thought that you saw fit to bless me with a calling I love so much. My girls. My man. My writing. And to think that you could…that you would…see fit to use “just” me. To think that you would use me to do the small in order to accomplish the big…to change the world, to change even ONE lost, hard, or hopeless heart. It makes my heart twist and my eyes blur.

It doesn’t seem real, or possible, or true. It doesn’t seem likely. But why not? To say it isn’t, to say it can’t be so, is to doubt not only me but you. And I am done being the Doubting Thomas.

Haven’t you proven worthy millions of times?

And there is Ann and her miracle. She started just like me, at her kitchen sink, with her kids, and her farmer. With her homeschooling books laid open and scattered. She started just like me with words burning in her soul and questions longing for answers.

And she did the work, and she asked the questions, and she said the thanks until she lived the thanks. She was flawed, but she was faithful.

And you, you took the kids, and the farmer, the books, the words, the questions, the thanks, and the longing. You took the mom, and the small, and the flaws and you spun out love, and grace, and miracles.

You did this. Not just for the mom at the sink but for countless others. You rippled the love, the grace, the miracles through the world, your very Kingdom here on earth.

So why not? Lord, why not me? Why not you and me together; forever spinning out miracles?

It is all and everything I want. To be found faithful with the kids, and the man, and the books. To be found faithful with the words, and the questions, and the longings. To offer the small, and the flaws, and the whole of the heart to you.

To take what you give and give thanks. To break it into pieces, into a family, into words, into a world desperate for you.

So it might be shared.

So it might be given.

Broken to bless.

I am just a mom. But this, it could be my story.

My miracle.

My ripple in this world.